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Acuity is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “acuteness; keenness, as of thought and vision.” Acuity is focused on the development and operation of Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) hospitals and the delivery of specialized care, with improved outcomes.

Welcome to Acuity Specialty Hospital of Morgantown

Acuity Specialty Hospital of Morgantown (ASHM)  is a 25-bed Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) hospital providing acute care to critically ill and medically complex patients.

How is an LTACH Different from a Traditional Hospital? Click Here to find out. 

The hospital is specifically designed and staffed to provide intensive care to patients who are either ventilator dependent or have other medically complex conditions such as extensive non-healing wounds, infections, system failures or complications from surgery.

The hospital utilizes a physician led interdisciplinary team of highly skilled clinicians who develop a customized plan of care designed to support and effectively treat some of the most complex clinical conditions found in healthcare.

Acuity Specialty Hospital’s interdisciplinary healthcare team serves patients throughout the region meeting the unique needs of each patient.

Acuity Specialty Hospital of Morgantown operates within Mon Health Medical Campus, on the newly renovated 4th floor.

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Acuity Specialty Hospital of Morgantown
1200 J D Anderson Drive,
4th Floor
Morgantown, WV 26505