Acuity Specialty Hospital Practitioners are highly trained LIP and AHP specialists who provide daily complex care to their patients.

Acuity Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIP) are individuals permitted by both the applicable state law and by the Hospital to provide patient care services without direction or supervision, within the scope of the individual’s license and in accordance with individually granted clinical privileges. This language shall not be construed to limit the authority of licensed independent practitioners to delegate tasks to other qualified health care personnel such as physician assistants (PAs) and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to the extent authorized by the state’s laws, its licensing or regulatory agencies. The Board has determined that the categories of individuals eligible for clinical privileges as a LIP are physicians (MD or DO), maxillofacial/oral surgeons (DMD), dentists (DDS), and podiatrists (DPM).

Acuity Allied Health Professional (AHP) are individuals who provide direct patient care services in the Hospital under a defined degree of supervision, exercising judgment within the areas of documented professional competence and consistent with applicable law. AHPs are designated by the Board to be credentialed through the Medical Staff system and are granted clinical privileges as either a dependent or an independent healthcare professional as defined in the Bylaws. AHPs are not eligible for Medical Staff membership. The Board has determined the categories of individuals eligible for clinical privileges as an AHP are physician assistants (PA), clinical psychologists (Ph.D.), Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNP).

Individuals applying for initial appointment or applying for initial clinical privileges, shall be provided an application form when deemed eligible to apply, and shall also be given a copy of Acuity’s Bylaws, the Medical Staff and Rules and Regulations, and if applicable Hospital policies.

Acuity Hospital (Ohio Valley / Morgantown) accepts West Virginia’s Chapter 16. Public Health Article 1A. Uniform Credentialing for Health Care Practitioners in compliance with Acuity’s medical staff application.

Initial applications are reviewed by the Credentials Committee who makes recommendation to the Medical Executive Committee.

The Medical Executive Committee (MEC) makes recommendation to the Board for Staff appointment and category.

The Board adopts appointment recommendation from the MEC for final action on initial appointment and clinical privileges for a period of 2-years.

After completing a 1-year Provisional staff appointment, re-appointment to the Medical Staff is handled biannually, or every two years. A reappointment application will be sent to medical staff members no later than 6 months prior to their reappointment date. The reappointment date will be based on the date that the physician became a member of your medical staff. Clinical delineation requests must be reviewed at the time of reappointment, and any changes in privilege must be documented. The application for reappointment is somewhat modified, omitting education information that does not change. Quality review and work performance information on all applicants for re-appointments are reviewed for the past two years during the reappointment process.

If you are a highly trained specialist who can provide daily complex care to our patients and would like to request an application for membership, contact:

Jodi Rusinovich, CPCS, Credentialing Coordinator / Recording Secretary
(304) 919-4306 / jodi@acuityhealthcare.net



PH: 304.919.4300
NURSES STATION: 304.919.4300
REFERRAL LINE: 855.281.5728



PH: 304.238.5750
NURSES STATION: 304.238.5750
REFERRAL LINE: 855.281.5728

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