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Great People

Rated 5 out of 5
August 17, 2021

I can say this was a good experience compared to other hospitals. I was treated with respect and the employees went above and beyond to be accommodating. Everyone from housekeeping to nutrition to nurses to case managers did everything they could to take care of me.

Rose Bowers


Rated 5 out of 5
August 16, 2021

First giving honor to God, who is the head of my life. I also want to say THANK YOU to all the hard working staff at the Acuity Specialty Hospital located in Morgantown, WV for taking me in on Day 1 (literally on July 1) then spent a month in a half at the Hospital.
I spoke to a nurse recently, and I assured her that anyone who has been working here cares about their patients, and is passionate about their job. I’ve had sweet nurses, and “tough love” nurses who pushed me to take ownership of my health; for which I am eternally grateful.
Special shout-out to my doctor, Dr. Chaddha, Nurse Practitioner, Brandon McCrobie, PT-Logan, Katie, Mr. Tim
PTC-Donna, Ashley, Emily, Heather, Jaime, Dashika,
Nurses-Wendell, Norma, Milissa, Jennifer, Carla, Michael, Israel
Case Manager-Kimberly, who has been an advocate, and an inspiration to making my stay smooth.
Once you arrive, the staff will make you feel at home. I have no regrets from coming here to this Hospital. Word travels fast whenever you have done a great job or show signs of improvement. This Hospital, although small, they’re large enough to meet your medical needs. I recommend anyone who decides to be admitted in this Hospital.

Jeffrey Corry

Life savers!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 16, 2021

Not only once but several times these caring people who have a love for what they do saved my life. I can’t show them enough gratitude for what they have given me back. After 2 other hospitals and weeks upon weeks of hospitals stays i was sent to Acuity. There is where my flame was lite brighter. I cant say one bad thing about anyone of any part of my care team. Kris was amazing in helping me and my family make sure my stay was excellent and communicating with us and my insurance. Dr. Bharti for believing in me and tell me i would get my butt out of that bed! All my nurses!! EVERY SINGLE RT I HAD THE PLEASURE TO GET TO KNOW!!! Matt for running a great team! I wish i could name you all bc each of you have a special place in my heart. Every tech/aide even when i didn’t want to roll or move and you still showed compassion and helped me. Thank you to Logan and Clarissa for pushing me to trust and believe in myself and body. And the rest is the pt/ot team! And of course I cant forget the speech therapy team! You helped me drink and eat again! Again I can not say enough good things about the care i was given while there. I would recommend Acuity to anyone who needs them!

Ashley Grams


Rated 5 out of 5
August 11, 2021

I personally want to send an enormous THANK YOU to all the staff at the Acuity Specialty Hospital located in Morgantown, WV for taking my husband’s care into your warm hands and loving hearts. The welcome we received on Day 1 then turned into 13 weeks at the Acuity Hospital with getting to know the staff well. Many of them becoming family.
Dr. Chadha and the Nurse Practitioner, Brandon McCrobie by far exceeded the very caring bedside manner that physicians today rarely show toward patients and family members. These two individuals thoroughly took their time to explain to me in terms I could understand about the various medical issues my husband was dealing with. The compassion they showed toward my husband will never be forgotten.
The RN’s, the Assistants, Respiratory, Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy teams worked with my husband to provide the care that he needed with so much time and dedication. Many of them have became friends and will hold a special place in my heart.

The Acuity Hospital fulfilled all that they told me they would do for my husband plus much more.
The case manager, Kris, my family is very grateful to her, Dr. Chadha and Brandon McCrobie as they worked diligently together with my insurance company to obtain the authorization for my husband to be transferred to the specialized rehab facility at Shepherd, in Atlanta, GA. Without the dedication and commitment that Kris showed during this ordeal with my insurance company – my husband might of had to go to a facility that would not be equipped and skilled to handle his needs and provide him the opportunity to the quality of life he deserves.
Yes, there were bumps in the road but the staff worked to handle any situation that might of arose in a professional manner. The Patient Advocates for Acuity, Wendell and Kim, are remarkable people and very thankful for their continued prayers for my husband.
We must all remember these men and women come to work everyday to take care of our loved ones. Many of the staff understanding that the individual lying in that bed is not a number but a human being. It takes special people to be dedicated day in and day out to work in the health care field and you will find them at the Acuity Hospital in Morgantown.

LaRae Biggins

Awesome rehab facility!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 25, 2021

I’m amazed at the awesome care that I have received at Acuity Specialty Hospital. During my 3 weeks of rehab I was given care by several different nurses, aids and respiratory therapists. We certainly can’t forget Dr. Bharti. All were very professional and gave me care with their heart. They worked as one caring unit. Of course I had some favorites, but all gave me good care. God blessed me with their care.

Roy B. Leonard

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DEAR Acuity,
I want to thank each and every one of you for your kindness and excellent care. I have had many hospital and extended care stays and I can honestly say that your facility is the finest I’ve ever been in. You all put such love and devotion in your care. The nurses, nursing techs, physical therapy, Pam at wound care, Lisa my case manager and housekeeping are all wonderful people. I’m doing well because of all of you. I miss everyone, but I do love being back home.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Bless all of you and may you each have a Blessed and Happy New Year filled with love and happiness.

Linda T.


“This is a beautiful place to stay, the nurses, aides and everyone I met simply could not do enough for you. If you want to get well, you should come here. I had a private room and I was treated like a queen.”

– Former Patient, Jennie Hutkay


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